A life-enhancing practice called Nia (Nia Technique)


Step into a barefoot experience with me and let your spirit soar to the sounds of soul-stirring world music!


Nia is magical! It heals our bodies with unique, soothing to the body moves, balances our emotions and ignites our spirit in joy!


Join me weekly in SC and annually on the Greek island Agistri at Rosy's Little Village. Each class promises a fun, fulfilling, unique experience!

Weekly classes in SC & the annual Seaside Nia Retreat in Greece

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Engaging! Unique! Fascinating! 


Nia Technique: A dynamic combo

 3 Healing, 3 Dance and 3 Martial Arts! 


A healing journey

Movement for body and soul!

Intro to Nia by Debbie Rosas: