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Now I Know How!

Discover the ageless secret that would empower Haris and his two friends for a lifetime! 

Now I Know How! is an easy-readers' novel where imagination, suspense and intrigue, merge with wisdom, mystery and clarity to produce powerful tools that bring visions to life!

Behind 3 mysterious doors the 3 boys learn how to:

*Use focus for positive change

*Make conscious choices

*Transform problems into solutions

*Get results through action

*Increase trust and confidence in self

*Identify and accomplish goals. 

About this book! The how and the why!

Now I Know How! is printed in a dyslexia-friendly font the "Dyslexie Font".

The typeface is playful and makes reading easier and more fun not only for dyslexics but for everyone!   

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The vibrant illustrations were created and inked by gifted Flo Barrington of the UK. 

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About Spiritual Mind Treatments

Setting the Law of Attraction in Motion

This small book is based on the Science of Mind principles and my empirical understanding of the Law of Attraction as it relates to Spiritual Mind Treatment.

These principles can be developed into useful tools in the creation of an empowered reality, filled with unlimited good in all areas in one's life. 

About Spiritual Mind Treatments also contains 6 fundamental Spiritual Mind Treatments and 2 corresponding affirmations each.
It is a definitive, concise, easily applicable guide in consciously creating the life one wants and deserves.