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A little about me

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Through many life experiences in Turkey, TX, Washington State, CA and NC, I currently call SC, USA home. I am mother to two grown sons and grandmother to two gorgeous grandsons!

I am a Nia instructor, an Ageless Grace Educator, an EFT coach, an experiential  workshop facilitator and the author of two books.

You can probably tell from my pictures-hopefully inspirational to the viewer-that I am passionate about Nia, which was love at first step and first sound 14 plus years ago!   

I get excited about all things unique. I appreciate kindness and generosity. Dancing is my medicine. I get nourished by spiritual wisdom. I enjoy indie films. I aim at bypassing trivialities and getting to the core. I come alive when I am by the sea. I am in love with swimming. I find great fulfillment in inspiring others to open their wings and fly. I get excited refinishing and/or distressing furniture that might appear useless to most!

I really-really like pistachio ice-cream. I look forward to meeting new authentic souls. I love refrigerated figs. I lose interest quickly with superficial talk. I lose myself in yard-work/play.  I love juicy conversations, warm connections, unpretentious friendships and creative endeavors that nurture my soul.

Cause and effect principles motivate me. I use various approaches to shift and alter my perception in order to facilitate changes that bring me closer to a reality of joy,  peace and abundance. Imparting these various ways to others through my annual Seaside Nia Retreat, my soul-mind-body workshops, my weekly classes and books is soul sweetening and a definite win win!  

The practices of Nia and gratitude center me, ground me, lift me and heal me! 

                                   Expressing gratitude for all of it!

                                         Dancing through all of it!

Motivational & inspirational quotes to support your life's  journey as they have supported mine:

You have everything you will ever need!

Don't give the fears between the ears any power! 

Step into your fears with gusto!


It's all good! Always has been and always will be!

Embrace life's challenges.